Table 1.

Distribution of infected vaccinees among immunogen groupsa

ImmunogenTrial participantsInfected participantsInfected participants receiving three or four immunizations
n% of totaln% of totaln% of total
All trials (high and low risk)
 MN gp1202764693.372.5
 SF2 gp1202343973.041.7
201 trial (high-risk volunteers)
 MN gp1201284375.564.6
 SF2 gp1201294464.743.1
  • a The compositions of the trial cohorts in which the infected vaccinees participated are listed. The 201 trial was in a high-risk group; 15 of the 18 HIV-1 infections occurred among the 201 participants. Also recorded is the number and proportion of infected vaccine recipients who received more than three immunizations with MN or SF2 rgp120 or a placebo.